Some things weren't
meant to last forever.
Quimby helps to reduce the risk when sending
sensitive information by smartphone.
Senders set a self-destruct timer, ensuring content disappears.
Users can’t save, download or forward a message through Quimby.
Your name and email are never linked to your account.
Your username never shows up on the same screen as the content you sent.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So am I totally safe sending something through Quimby?

A: Quimby helps to reduce the risk. It puts more control in the hands of the sender. Some phones have built in screen capture technology, or third party screen capture apps, which a receiver could use – however Quimby ensures that your personal identity is never linked to the content sent. Accounts are never linked with your email address or your real name, and any messages that are sent or received from your phone are never stored in your phone’s history. You also have the option to restrict access to your account to a single device, so no one will be able to sign in to your account on a different device.

Q: My information is stored on a server somewhere even after it self-destructs, right?

A: Nope – once it’s gone, it’s gone. The message, along with any attachments, is completely deleted from the server once it has self destructed within the app. And even while it exists, it’s encrypted using a base 64 encryption along with a salt pattern that is unique to every user.

Q: Why can’t people search my email address to find me?

A: Quimby’s goal is to reduce the risks associated with sending information digitally and part of that is ensuring that there is never a link back to your real identity.

Q: There are some things I don’t like about Quimby. Or some things I think you could do better. Who can I tell?

A: We are always looking for feedback to improve the way Quimby works. Send us any comments through the support form below.

Q: I’m a brand/company who would love to re-skin Quimby for my consumers – do you do that?

A: We’re always open to discuss partnerships – contact us at .

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